Leaving Pyin Oo Lwin

After a good night of rest at Royal Flower Guesthouse, our longest day of the trip was awaiting us. The plan was to ride our motorbikes to Inle Lake by the end of the day, meaning a mere 300km on our low-cc motorbikes.

The decision came after discussing with Zach (who rented us the bikes) who told us that accommodations on routes 41 and 43 will be tricky to find. Tricky like there are no places that are allowed to host foreigners legally.

Breakfast at Nawnghkio

The first stop would be at Nawnghkio 60km away for the breakfast. Nawngkio is on the intersection of road 3 heading to Lashio and the route 41 heading south toward our destination, Inle.

An hour later we parked our bikes in a very busy restaurant to enjoy our first meal of the day. Satisfied we will be! I went for the classic mohinga soup, while the boys tried another kind of noodles. There was a bunch of steamed buns on display so we took also one each. These kinds of restaurant/cafe/tea shop usually have snacks on the table too, this time it was samosas and fried dough. The samosas were so good that we ordered another serving. All of this accompanied by a Myanmar Style coffee. We ended up paying 60cents each. What a deal!

Bridge Ahead

We continued our way to Inle taking the route 41. After about 50km, the road began to go downhill. I would have shit my pants if I was driving a 12 wheeler truck. The road was curvy and in construction. This is the kind of road that was probably a real nightmare only a few years ago. The downhill lasted a few kilometers until we reached a bridge. Crossing the river Myitnge was the reason of these aggressive last kilometers.
Just before the bridge, we got stopped by a friendly and polite police officer who took note of our passport numbers and motorcycle registrations before letting us continue. This would be the sole and only police check of our trip.
The bridge is really picturesque with the large river going through the mountains. A photo session was necessary.

The last stretch

Back on our bikes, we continued 60 something kilometers to reach a huge lake near the city of Intaw. The lake was calm offering us mirror-like reflexions.

We began to crave for food again so we found a little shop in a village that was selling noodles. These were the cheapest noodles I ever ate at 20 cents per bowl. These were simple noodles without much proteins, but still!

Then we continued our way to Nyaungshwe. We passed through Bahtoo and Lawksawk that have a strong military presence. Not much to say about the road until it started to rain. We had to stop for over an hour to wait for the rain to stop.

The day was passing and there was still over 70 kilometers before Inle Lake. Even if the quality of the road was good, we were cruising at about 60km/h.

As we were closing in on Nyaungshwe, the sunset was offering us a beautiful light on the diverse plantations along the road.

Passed Shwenyaung, we did the last 10km or so in the pitch dark on a busy local road with loads of buses and trucks. It is surprising that one of the biggest attraction of the country is reachable only by a small country road without lighting.

Once checked-in at the hotel, we rushed to Pub Asiatico for a pizza and a cold beer well deserved after this 300km ride.

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