Mandalay has a handful of companies renting motorbikes. After googling and reading about these shops we decided to get in touch with Mandalay Motorbike Rental And ToursThe company is run by Zach, an American expat who has been in Myanmar for nearly a decade.

The company operates from a modest shophouse that serves also as a tour company office and a store selling wool.

The Bikes

Zach offers different kinds of bikes from small automatic scooters to bigger motocrosses that can handle the worst roads. We decided to go for a Wuyang-Honda 125cc cruiser (M-CUS125) and two semi-automatic scooters Wuyang-Honda 125cc (Doris). If you plan to do a trip longer than a few days, I recommend reserving your bike per email beforehand.

The three bikes were clean and in great condition. We were obviously not the first clients to use them but we were not scared to leave for our 10 days tour of Myanmar with them. All the bikes had a luggage rack to strap our bags on it and gain a few more inches of comfort on the seat.

The Deal

The scooters were 10,000 kyats per day (7$US) while the cruiser was double the price at 20,000 kyats (14$US). You have to pay the rental fee at the start and sign a waiver stating that the renter assumes all responsibilities. There are no insurances included. Bring yours.

Also, one passport has been kept as guarantee. This is common practice when renting motorbikes in Southeast-Asia. Don’t worry about traveling without your passport, keeping a photocopy of the first and the visa page is enough. We got our IDs controlled once in 10 days.

By law, you need a valid driving license to ride a bike in Myanmar. The difference is that in Myanmar the law is loosely applied. Yes, you can read between the lines.

Once the paperwork and payment was done, Zach briefed us about restricted areas and some road recommendations then we were ready to go.

10 Days Later

The motorbikes held quite well the 1000km of (mostly) sealed road. Not even a single flat tire. Ok, we got two broken flasher lights but that’s all. The cruiser was indeed more comfortable to ride than the two scooters but still, we all enjoyed our days riding. A bigger motocross could have improved the ride, but when you see the locals riding their beaten-off scooters you don’t feel the need to get a big bike.

Check out Mandalay Motorbike Rental And Tours website at for more details about the bike and organized tours available.

Mandalay Motorbike Rental and Tours

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