Phichit (พิจิตร) is a small province right in the center of Thailand. Relatively unknown from mass tourism, this province still deserve a little stop if you pass by the area. I’ve spend 2 days in the province, here is what to do in Phichit! 


Wang Krang Temple Bridge  (สะพานแขวนวัดวังกร่าง)

What hit me the most were the beautiful and bright green rice fields you can see in Phichit. My first stop, among these rice fields, has been in the South of the province the Suspended Bridge at the Wang Krang Temple  (สะพานแขวนวัดวังกร่าง). This bridge crossing the Nan river has been repaired recently and was used a lot by the local people.


Phra Phut Ketu Mongkol (พระพุทธเกตุมงคล)

Another 30 kilometers north is the town of Taphan Hin (ตะพานหิน) with it’s big Buddha at Phra Phut Ketu Mongkol (พระพุทธเกตุมงคล). The access to the big Buddha was closed, but I’ve been able to snap this cool drone picture of the surroundings!

Wat Khao Rup Chang (วัดเขารูปช้าง)

I continued to the Wat Khao Rup Chang Temple, a temple set on a little hill in the middle of the country side. The hill is high enough to give a great view of the area. A stop to not miss on this list of things to do in Phichit province.

Ni CoffeE

After spending a night in Phichit town, I started the day with a coffee at the cool Ni CoffeE that was nearby my hotel.

Bueng Si Fai (บึงสีไฟ)

Bueng Si Fai is a large reservoir in the town of Phichit. Good spot to chill a bit. There is also a little aquarium to keep you busy 10 minutes and an unexpected crocodile pit.

Ban Dong Ho Chi Minh Museum

As you may not know, Ho Chi Minh as been hiding in Phichit for a few years during the 20s. A museum showcasing this piece of history recently opened in Phichit. Unfortunately, I went on a Monday and it was closed.


I hope this little guide about what to do in Phichit will be helpful and that you will take the time to stop if you are passing by Phichit!

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