Pattani (ปัตตานี) is not on the touristic map of Thailand and it is a shame that such a town rich in culture is left behind. Ok, the area is reported to be unsafe by the government and the media due to an insurgency dating from over 10 years.

There is a “strong” military presence around the province with various checkpoints on the road and soldiers on patrol in busy parts of town. But life goes on in Pattani and I had a great time the few days I stayed there.

Here are 7 spots that I visited in one single day in Pattani Town.

Pattani Central Mosque

Satay Sri Mueang Restaurant – ร้านสะแต็ะศรีเมือง

Pattani Sky Walk

Yaring Palace – วังยะหริ่ง

Kru Se Mosque – มัสยิดกรือเซะ

Bang Nood Restaurant – ร้านบังหนูด

Bana Wooden Bridge – สะพานไม้ บานา

I totally recommend Pattani (ปัตตานี) along the two other Southern provinces for their culture, their people and being untouched (yet) by tourism.

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