Amnat Charoen (อำนาจเจริญ) is not a popular destination in Thailand. It doesn’t mean there is nothing to see there! I’ve spent two full days riding my bike and visiting this untouched province! Attractions might not be mind-blowing, but they are authentic as are the inhabitants of Amnat Charoen 🙂

My first stop in Amnat was in the Chanuman District (อำเภอ ชานุมาน) which has 20 kilometers of coastline with the Mekong. I stopped for a late lunch on floating rafts at Kaeng Kan Sung (แก่งคันสูง) that ended being my only activity of the day. An excellent place to relax and eat local food coming from the Mekong.

After a good night of sleep at Kiang Kong Resort (bungalows offered at 400 or 500 baht), I headed to Tad Yai Waterfall (น้ำตกตาดใหญ่). The waterfall directions are clearly indicated on the way. Nice scenery with rice and tapioca fields! Despite the beauty of the waterfall, I was the only visitor for the whole hour I was there. I’ve seen pictures of people swimming in the waterfall, but I didn’t take a chance as I was alone.

I continued towards a temple named Wat Tham Hin Hua Nak Phu Kaset (วัดถ้ำหินหัวนาคภูเกษตร) 30 kilometers away set on a hill. On the way, I stopped in a cafe and the friendly lady told me about another temple on another hill that she said is more beautiful. This temple is named Wat Phu Panomdee (วัดภูพนมดี). She recommended me to go to both, but I prefered to go to the one she recommended me 🙂

The temple has a big white Buddha on the edge of the hill overlooking plantations. The main temple is made of simple gravel rocks which gives a rough and darker mood to the place. I really felt I was out of the way. I felt good.

I continued to the main town of Amnat Charoen where I stopped at the most important religious site of the province, Puttha Utthayan and Pra Mongkol Ming Muang(พุทธอุทยานและพระมงคลมิ่งเมือง). The main attraction is a huge golden Buddha.

The sun was setting down, so I checked in at the Ramiarndao Boutique Place Hotel (โรงแรมระเมียรดาวบูติคเพลส) with bungalows for 450 Baht (booked on Agoda) including the breakfast. I totally recommend this hotel set in the middle of the rice fields.


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